Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 13: Spa Day

Author: Ketan

The baths of Hungry. The picture above shows a shot of the famous baths we visited. We heard about this place from a few of the locals. After the biking in the Alps a day in the spa is just what we needed.

YouTube Video

Video: intro to baths

We spent a good bit of time exploring different area's of the baths. The out side was pretty much a pool and place to sun bath. Which i think Ketan got the most use out of. The baths within the buildings were temperature controlled so we would leave a sauna that was around the boiling point and then jump into a pool just above freezing. After a few hours of jumping from bath to bath we all got massages.

YouTube Video

Video: whirlpool

This was the walk to the baths.

This monument was located out side of the park leading to the bath.

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Location:Budapest, Hungary

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