Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 14: Exploring Budapest

Author: Ketan

We spent most of the day walking around Buda then we hit up the other half, Pest. Brief history lesson Budapest wasn't always one city. As we walked around the city we searched for the highest parts of the city so we could get a good view of the divisions of the past.

In the morning for breakfast we found a market. The picture above is a hotdog that Phill got. All the stuff we got was about that size. Akin got a burger about the size of this head ( hair included haha)

YouTube Video

At the top this hill we were able to see the division between the cities. The view from the top was definitely worth the climb up.

The two pictures directly above show us and the amazing view behind us from the highest point we climbed too.

Here is a picture of Daniel loading up to take a few pot shots at Buda from Pest.

The weather was not on our side most of the day. We had to take cover a few times to get out of the rain. As we walked away from hills we had climbed we looked back and say a few clouds open up. Scott was able to get a good shot of this statue of an eagle with the clouds opening up behind it.

YouTube Video

After a fun night out we learned that capacity limits in elevators aren't just a recommendation.

Video: elevator

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Location:Budapest, Hungary

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