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Day 11: Zagreb and Plitvice

Author: Ketan

The picture above shows a park we passed on our way to the the hostel in Zagreb. As we walked thru the city we found it had a very young feel too it. The majority of the people we saw were in their 20's or 30's.
We had a slight mix up at the hostel with our reservations turns on we books it for the wrong day. So the receptionist had to give us a beautiful apartment loft. Worked out pretty well. The hostel we stayed in was near the town square. It was easy for us to get a feel of the night life.

YouTube Video

Video: intro to Plitvice

Plitvice, the alleged "Garden of Edin".

The picture above speaks for itself. Between the falls, cliffs, and crystal clear blue waters Plitvis lives up to its name.

We spent about 3 to 4 hours walking thru the park. We were joined by children on field trips, elderly couples, and many "professional tourists".

Throughout the park we were able to walk right up to as well as a few inches above a number of falls.

We found a cave and decided to go exploring. The exploration of short lived seeing as the cave only went about 15 feet in. Though it proved to be a good place for a pit stop.

Here is one of our little friends we made on the trip.

The picture above shows a trail on the falls. At this point in the park we could see water passing over our path. A few more inches and we would have been swimming our way through the park.

YouTube Video

Video: mid-Plitvice

The pictures below are giving a top view of the park. The first half of the trails were winding thru the falls and the second half took us above the park. We caught a bit of rain about half way through the park. The ferry we caught kept us dry, luckily.

On the way back from Plitvis we saw a wall stretching about 7 blocks covered in graffiti. We have seen plenty of gang names and symbols throughout out the city but few places had actually artistic graffiti.

We made our way around the square once more and came across gothic cathedral under construction.

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Location:Zagreb, Croatia

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