Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 1: Parks and People of Amsterdam

We landed this morning in Amsterdam around 8 and were successful in getting to the hostel fairly quickly.

Description of hostel- Checked into Bulldog in the morning. Looks like a Badass place where fun shall be had. Club/bar within the Bulldog as well as a shop of sorts

Walked across old city got a feel for the local culture. Stopped by a pub on the corner of a canal.

Bikes- We rented bikes from Mikes Bike's through the rest of the city. Ketan had to keep everyone going through the treacherous city. Though Daniel lagged behind his spirited comments made up for his mediocre skills (read this with a grain of salt).

Vondelpark. Vondelpark was super neat, Golly Gee. After a biking adventure through the city, the group took a little power nap in the park. The down time in the park recharged our batteries.

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"Here for a Good time, not a long time" RL


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Location:Amsterdam, NL

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  1. Very cool Daniel.....looks like the weather is nice as well. Have fun!!