Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 7: Paris Again


The next day we headed to the Louvre which was ridiculously large, absolutely unfathomably large (read: Big) but we wanted to take a tour of the museum which didn't go out till 14:00 so we decided to knock off the other things that were on our list of things to do that day. We took the metro to the Arc de Triumph and toured it and even got to climb to the top.

The Rue de Champions is the road between the Arc de Triumph and the L'ouvre and is comparable to NYC's Fifth Avenue so we went window shopping for Ferrari's, Mercedes, Gucci bags and Louis Vuitton purses for our significant others and mothers.

We stopped for lunch in Toulleries Gardens.

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We then got to the Louvre and took our guided tour which we all highly recommend. They took us to the old castle walls that used to be the L'ouvre castle and then showed us some Egyptian time art pieces and large tapestries and many famous works of art and pieces from kings like Louis XIII. We even got to see the Mona Lisa and some good paintings that were very nice to see.

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The L'ouvre was way too big to be able to see in a day (read: 5 days) and we had to see a lot more of Paris,

We next went to St Chapelle Cathedral. A beautiful stained glass church built in just 6 years.

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Next we visited Notre Dame Cathedral and had a truly French moment- Crepes in cafe just behind the Cathedral.

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We then walked through the historic Left Bank and made it to the Luxembourg gardens to sit down for a minute.

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We then headed to the Sacre Cour (sp?) to watch the sun go down from this strangely tall hill in northern Paris. We watched the Eiffel tower sparkle from there and just missed the sunset, though watching the lights come on across the city was beautiful.

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We then headed to the steps in front of the Cour and made friends with some Germans who happened to be staying at our hostel. We drank beer together watching the city light up and then walked home with them after we challenged them to an international game of Foosball. The Germans happened to be better than anyone I've ever seen at Foosball. It was like watching a professional soccer team play the rec leagues from back home. Needless to say we lost horribly to the Germans but enjoyed talking some trash to them.


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